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Surviving Ain’t Thriving – Break Free From The Herd

Shawn Hakimi

Director, Venture Café Cambridge

“The Venture Cafe community found your big picture thinking and practices both inspiring and useful. You’re a real giraffe and welcome here anytime.”

Matt Smith

Agency Director
Symmetry Financial Group

“What the 150 agents in the audience received far surpassed our greatest expectations. You spoke from the heart and connected with us on an emotional level. Your talk was the highlight of the three-day conference. I highly recommend any sales or service organization to take advantage of an opportunity to bring you in as a speaker or strategic advisor.

Chris Erblich, Esq.

Partner, Husch Blackwell, LLP. Chairman, TFO Phoenix

“An enormously gifted speaker and writer, Chris is the ultimate teacher’s teacher. He’s exceptionally creative, insightful, articulate, wise and passionate. His purpose-driven approach simply sees problems differently and, accordingly, solves them with an elegant simplicity. When I’m struggling with how to think through a challenge or communicate a topic, he’s the one I call. I’m profoundly grateful to call him my friend.”


Be the Giraffe

Reach Higher
in Business and in Life

In this podcast, you’ll hear from people who wanted more
out of life and stuck their necks out to make it happen.

When you’re ready to break free from the herd,
you will find a better path.

Be the Giraffe!