Chris Jarvis

Corporate coach, financial fixer and stirring speaker.

Chris Jarvis helps you see differently, so you can business differently, money differently, life differently.

For decades, Chris has helped hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and wealthy families build, protect, and transfer significant wealth. Along the way, he discovered the unusual paths to standing out and reaching the highest levels of success. Amazingly, each one of these strategies is symbolized by the unique challenges and abilities of the tallest – and Chris’ favorite animal: the giraffe! The see what others can’t and reach what others won’t.

Be The Giraffe.

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Chris has lectured on entrepreneurship at the University of Rhode Island, the Anderson School (UCLA), and MIT’s Venture Café chapter. He proudly sits on the advisory board of the prestigious IC2 Institute of the University of Texas-Austin Dean’s Advisory Council for the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. Chris also sits on the boards of the National Coalition for Safe Schools, Streamline Miami and Angel City Sports.

As of 2020, Chris has partnered with his mentor Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul). With the Canfield Training Group, Jarvis is bringing transformational solutions to entrepreneurs, academic institutions and executives as a way to enhance culture and impact while significantly improving profitability and enterprise value.

Jarvis earned an MBA in entrepreneurial studies and finance from The Anderson School at UCLA. He graduated from the Honors Program at the University of Rhode Island with a B.S. in applied mathematics. Chris grew up in Rhode Island and now lives in Southlake, Texas with his wife Heather and their three children.

Helping others see differently

Thousands of executives, agents, and companies have turned to Chris Jarvis because he brings perspective that few can offer. His unique background includes actuarial science, marketing, finance, and strategic planning.  His industry expertise includes insurance, healthcare, and personal finance. Most importantly, he has worked with thousands of companies and implemented  creative operating models in various industries.

And while you don’t necessarily think of an applied mathematician, actuarial analyst, and micro-economic strategist (yes, he’s all of those) as a disruptor, visionary, and true listener, those are the very things Chris is known for.

It’s why billionaires, national brands, and family offices call on him to help solve their most complicated challenges. Contact us to start the conversation.

2018 Commencement Speech, iUniversity Prep

“After my first meeting with Chris, I knew he had a remarkable gift. He has a knack for decoding complexities into simplified concepts that solve big issues. Full of personality and fresh new perspectives. Chris addresses many important matters that come with success and gives advice that even the most successful entrepreneurs need to hear”

Rebecca Finell
Boon, Finell co, and Zip Top

“Chris has generously volunteered his time and talents to help our medical school address healthcare, economic and social challenges. His thoughtful questions and creative vision have made him an invaluable member of my advisory board. “

Les Hall, MD
Dean at University of South Carolina
School of Medicine Columbia


Which animal will be your guide?

“GO WILD will help you see which of the five areas of life you truly want to elevate, and offers clear, practical guidance on the steps to take. Best of all, it’s simple, memorable, and amazingly accurate.”

Cynthia Stant
Business Consultant and Spiritual Success Mentor


Be the Giraffe

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