Co-founder, Founder,

“With decades of entrepreneurial experience and investments in more than 80 startups, I’ve learned this fundamental truth: To build a company of significance, one must have the elevated vision and perspective of a giraffe. Chris Jarvis is the embodiment of this, a forward-thinker whose uncanny insight into what lies ahead is truly exceptional. As I embark on what is the most ambitious venture of my career with Fundify, I’m thrilled to have Chris at our side.”


Founding Partner, Iron Pillar, Former Partner, DFJ and Garage Technology Ventures

“Over the past 25 years, I have seen Chris innovate in multiple industries
and motivate people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. His unusual combination of technical ability and emotional intelligence allow
him to simplify very complicated situations so problems can be overcome
quickly and easily.”

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Ron Penna

Founder of Quest Nutrition and Legendary Foods.

“Chris Jarvis has created a unique approach to solving business and life challenges by taking inspiration from the wilds of Africa. His analogies reveal some hard-won and deeply insightful truths that will help just about anyone better understand the impediments that are stopping them. His advice on overcoming both self-created and external obstacles are priceless and his style and voice make for fun, totally painless reading. Well worth your time.”

Dr. David Kaufman

Plastic Surgeon, Folsom, CA

“Chris is a valuable asset to my company, my family and me. He takes the time to understand the real concerns, asks the tough questions most people won’t, and brings very creative solutions. He communicates well with our other advisers, our management team and our family members. Working with Chris was a great investment on my part.”