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What do Billionaires know
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  • Protect wealth from creditors
  • Minimize income and estate tax
  • Maximize business efficiency
  • Engineer tax-efficient exit planning
  • Eliminate conflicts with advisors
  • Results-based fee structures
  • Reduce product commissions
  • Leverage advisory boards
  • Coach family on wealth

Jack Canfield

Bestselling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul® and The Success Principles™

“Chris is a true industry insider who can teach you the tricks of his most successful clients and can show you how to beat the system by getting firms to work for you, instead of against you.”

Hanna Hermanson

CEO and Founder, Dream Life is Real Life Coaching

“For years, I wanted to leave corporate life, start my own thing, and make my dream life a reality. I kept finding excuses and avoiding my potential — until I started working with Chris. He not only encouraged me to believe in myself, but he also showed me what to do to remove real and imagined obstacles. Chris helped me navigate the complexities of my employer, my family, and my own ego. When I used his advice in new business conversations, I was able to secure $16,000 of revenue in my first month alone. There is no looking back! If you are done with mediocrity, and ready to live into your potential, talk to Chris.”

Gordon Logan

CEO, SportClips. International Franchise Association Entrepreneur of the Year and Hall of Fame Award.

“In 40 years of working with accountants, lawyers, and consultants, I have never met someone with as broad a knowledge base and exceptional creativity as Chris. He has helped me, my company and my family immensely.”


Are you ready to see a better path to your elevated success.

Lessons from millionaire and billionaire clients will help you see a better path to success, affluence, and fulfillment.


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“After my first meeting with Chris, I knew he had a remarkable gift. He has a knack for decoding complexities into simplified concepts that solve big issues. Full of personality and fresh new perspectives. Chris addresses many important matters that come with success and gives advice that even the most successful entrepreneurs need to hear”

Rebecca Finell
Boon, Finell co, and Zip Top