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When it comes to sales and the sales process, “what” you do must match the “why” you do it.

Elevate Your Perspective.
See a Better path
to success.

Utilize the proprietary program created by a million-dollar salesperson!


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We were hoping that you would offer some of the valuable sales tips that made you National Life’s top agent.

What the 150 insurance agents in the audience received far surpassed our greatest expectations. You spoke from the heart and connected with us on an emotional level.

Your commitment to always doing what’s best for the client, tips for maximizing productivity, and stories of fighting through adversity were inspiring to us all.

Based on the standing ovation you received and the countless comments we received after the event, it’s safe to say that your talk was the highlight of the three day conference.

I highly recommend any sales or service organization to take advantage of an opportunity to bring you in as a speaker, strategic advisor, or communications consultant.

You have meant to so much to us in the short time we have worked together and we look forward to your continued contribution to our growing organization.

Matt Smith

Agency Director
Symmetry Financial Group

The “how” and “when” of the process are much easier when you know the purpose and goals of the buyers – and the purpose and goals of the company and its people.

I’ve been a top salesperson, started and sold insurance companies, and have advised hundreds of
Insurance agents, agency owners, and other professionals who want to serve their clients with innovation and excellence.

Most agents are expected to figure it out on their own. Not only sales but the business of insurance.

I offer keynotes, customized events, and curriculum to help you See Differently and Sales Differently.