GS Bootcamp

The Giraffe Selling Boot Camp

How will you survive the changes in the insurance industry?




There are over 1.4 million licensed insurance agents selling the same products…at the same price…to the same people!

Something has to change if you want to be successful. What will you do to be different?

  • Build stronger relationships with insurance carriers
  • Increase the production of your existing agents
  • Attract new agents with proprietary solutions and a path to a better career
  • Get potential clients and referral sources to contact you
  • Leverage your existing clients into additional sales and new clients
  • Increase the value of your organization
  • Build a profitable and successful exit strategy




“Chris has been one of National Life’s top agents multiple times. His innovative approach to sales, coupled with his desire and willingness to share these thoughts with others, is a unique combination“ — Achim Schwetlick, Head of Business Innovation Group, National Life Group



The PATH incorporates proven business and sales strategies from one of the most successful life insurance agents and sales consultants in the country, Chris Jarvis.

A former actuary, million dollar producer, and bestselling author, Jarvis has worked with thousands of successful entrepreneurs, hundreds of agents, and three billionaires in his 25-year career. The strategies in the PATH to Success come from experience with his most successful clients and colleagues.

You and your agents will learn how to:

  • Identify the psychological, demographic and financialbarriers to your growth
  • Adopt the mindset of the most successful 0.01% of Americans
  • Simplify your sales growth strategy into three simple areas
  • Analyze and track the right numbers in your business
  • Build and implement a plan based on real data
  • Identify the areas of focus in your new business model
  • Attract clients and referral sources that are profitableand desirable
  • Increase the size of your average case by 50% or more
  • Double the amount of money you earn from each client
  • Build an endless stream of referrals.The Giraffe Selling program will be transformative for both seasoned veterans and new agents.


Invest in your career – and invest in yourself with this 2-day experience!

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Or host your own Boot Camp with Chris Jarvis.



page2image5039088“An enormously gifted speaker and writer, Chris is the ultimate teacher’s teacher. He’s exceptionally creative, insightful, articulate, wise and passionate. His purpose-driven approach simply sees problems differently and, accordingly, solves them with an elegant simplicity. When I’m struggling with how to think through a challenge or communicate a topic, he’s the one I call. I’m profoundly grateful to call him my friend.” –Chris Erblich, Esq., Partner, Husch Blackwell, LLP. Chairman, TFO Phoenix