Day 1: The 12-Day Turnaround

Let’s begin!



Here’s today’s PDF’s to print:

Selection from my book:  6 Secrets to Leveraging Success- Intro and First Secret – by Chris Jarvis

12-Day Turnaround with Chris Jarvis – Day 1


Don’t multitask.

The reason I want you to print these worksheets is because writing on them engages more of you in the process. And when you’ve completed the 12-Day Turnaround you’ll have a valuable bundle of resources for future reference. 

On that note, find a time and place to work on these that’s conducive to focus, reflection, and creativity. Perhaps grab a cup of coffee (or glass of wine), quit checking emails, and enjoy the process.

You’re investing in yourself, your career, and your relationships!

To gain the most from this course:

  • Each weekday you’ll receive a short teaching video and “Today’s Turnaround” PDF
  • Print the PDF’s so you can fully absorb the material, and most importantly – complete the exercise
  • Some days require just 15 minutes, others will take more, but all are manageable
  • Stay with the program  – even if you get a day or three behind! (You’ll have weekends to catch up if needed)
  • Please don’t share your email or unique tracked links. (If you’d like me to send a discount code to a colleague, just contact me or reply to this email)
  • Did I mention you’ll want to print the PDF’s as a helpful reference? ­čÖé


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