Day 4: The 12-Day Turnaround

Are you being truthful with yourself?

Here’s today’s video:


Here’s today’s PDF to print:  The 12-Day Turnaround with Chris Jarvis – Day 4


Here’s how you are going to do it.  First, you are going to take some of the personality tests 

Gallup Strength Finder:  $19.99

I love this one.  It taught me the most about myself.  There is a book that goes with the assessment.  If you buy the book here, you also get a code to do your own assessment:

If you are in a hurry, don’t want to read the book, and just want to pay the $19.99 and buy the assessment.

Myers Briggs Test: FREE

This one helped me avoid a very costly mistake in business school. It also changed over 20 years!  Take this one again.


This one is also very valuable for sales people.  There are many different ways to sell effectively.  Knowing your DISC is very valuable.





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