Confidential Samples of All Videos in the 12-Day Turnaround

There are 1 million agents selling the same products at the same price to the same people.

How will you be different?


The 12-Day Turnaround includes daily video sessions, practical worksheets, and bonus resources.

Each video has at least one PDF worksheet, and bonus spreadsheets and templates. 


The worksheets:  Chris Jarvis – 12-Day Turnaround – Confidential Sample of Worksheets 





Day 1 Sample: Worksheet covers self-assessment and BIG ideas


Day 2

Day 3

Day 4 Sample: Worksheet covers “knowing yourself” and getting to know your clients


Day 5

Day 6 Sample: Worksheet covers how to ask your clients valuable questions


Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11 Sample: Worksheet covers how to respond to client answers



Day 12

Bonus Session Sample: Goal Setting


Retail: $499 (Substantial group discounts and co-marketing discounts available)


This course includes: 

The Billionaire’s secret to wealth without education

The 3 ways to grow your practice and earn more – while working less

The “Poker Secret” to successfully working with very wealthy clients

The powerful formula for setting, and reaching, ambitious goals

The proven path to building an endless stream of referrals

Real-world examples and case studies from my 20-year career

Proven scripts you can immediately use with prospects and referral sources

Downloadable templates that will help you track, analyze and improve your practice

100% satisfaction guarantee