You are an ELEPHANT

You are an Elephant because your high score is in the area of CAREER.

You may have a job, run your own company, volunteer for a cause, or dedicate yourself to helping your family. You see how people are affected differently by words and actions. You manage complicated situations to arrive at a desired outcome – that benefits many. Using this ability, you will be able to make your life work even better for yourself.

  • You are strong and reliable.
  • You are very wise and have a wonderful memory.
  • You have a sense of patience with people and situations.
  • You stand up for others.
  • Your leadership skills are noticed an appreciated.

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The elephant symbolizes balance, stability, and security. Your dedication and devotion to those around you has earned their trust. Reliability is what people look for most in a manager and a leader.

Despite their enormous size and strength, elephants are gentle giants that use their power very carefully. The elephant symbolizes quiet dignity. Your natural leadership is a testament to your wisdom to know when to be strong and when to be sensitive.

The elephants’ migration for food and water is long and arduous — and often a life or death journey. Like the elephant, you are patient and persevering. You worked tirelessly to achieve what you most desire.

You also possess a connectedness to those around you. You demonstrate this with your loyalty and sensitivity. When faced with difficult situations you remain faithful and steadfast—and always try to see the good in everyone. This commitment to the good of those around you allows you to lead and manage in a way few can.

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How Can the Elephant Guide You?

As the Elephant, your high score in Career gives you a strong foundation to build upon the other areas of your life (health, finances, relationships, and fun). This freedom from the stress and aggravation of finding a job, finding a better job, or finding a more fulfilling job is truly a gift.

You have the opportunity to pursue ideas which those who are constantly worried about their career simply don’t consider. It’s what you do with this ability and opportunity that will ultimately determine the quality of the life you enjoy

Get Even More from Your Career.

To do what you love and to love what you do has been the dream for generations. Though the younger generation, the millennials, embrace this ideal at a younger age, the dream has proven to be more elusive than ever. Based on a 2019 survey conducted by the Lumina Foundation and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

  • Only 40% of Americans say they work in good jobs.
  • 44% of those surveyed indicated that they were in mediocre jobs and
  • 16% said they were in bad jobs.

More troubling, only 37% of respondents said that they had seen any improvement in any of the ten top indicators for job satisfaction over the last five years. Slightly more than a third of the Americans surveyed saw any improvement in pay, job security, opportunity for advancement, benefits, stability, and dignity.

For you to continue to enjoy your career, you may want to take some interest in helping those who are valuable to your company (or who could become valuable) to find similar satisfaction.

You may love what you do, but don’t forget to take time off! A powerful Harvard Business Review article referenced on page 7, under “Have More Fun” may shock you with the results vacation has on health, getting promoted, and income!

Improve Your Health.

Close friends of mine had the pleasure of having an audience with the Dali Lama. When my friend asked his holiness what he found most confusing about life, he responded, “Man.” When asked why he found man particularly confusing, the Dali Lama replied, “Man sacrifices his health for money. Then, he spends all his money to regain his health.”

How do we sacrifice our health for money? The obvious answer is, “Work!” We skip the morning exercise routine to prepare for an important meeting. We go home and pour over reports when we could be unplugging, relaxing, and laughing. We keep banking (or losing) vacation time because, “It’s not a good time to leave.”

We miss out on chances to recharge our batteries and come back refreshed. To take a different path, try calling on your elephant-like maternal instinct. Give those around you a chance to grow and learn by giving them a bit more responsibility. Make sure you read the findings from a great article in Harvard Business Review on the next page – about why you should take MORE vacation!

Improve Your Finances

In today’s society, 90% of people earn more than 97% of their income from their primary career. Even the top 10% of income earners in the United States only earn 4.5% of their income from realized capital gains (investment income). Only one in one thousand (0.1%) of families earn more than 33% of their income from investments (Source: 6 Secrets to Leveraging Success: a Guide for Entrepreneurs, Family Offices and Their Trusted Advisors, Chris Jarvis)

“Money may or may not buy you happiness, but happiness will make you more money!”

Statistics show that people who love what they do are 33% more productive, earn 40% more, and are promoted 22% more quickly than people who are unhappy with their job. Have you ever wanted to get paid to do nothing? Maybe you can. Did you know that you could also double your chances of getting promoted by actually taking all of your allotted vacation? Check out the study on the next page under the section entitled, “Have More Fun.”

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Improve Your Relationships

Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his bestselling book, Talking to Strangers, that there are very few disagreements between people. There are, however, a great deal of misunderstandings. These misunderstandings are the basis for most of the conflict in our lives. Whether we failed to communicate with our friends and family, or we lost sight of the needs and desires of our employees and customers, all of these problems can be reversed.

You may be doing well in your career, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else is just as happy as you are. Take time to survey your colleagues, employees, strategic partners, vendors, and clients. Find out what their goals are for the upcoming year. Ask them what they are most worried about right now. Give them a chance to share their thoughts and feelings with you. This invaluable exercise is often overlooked and neglected. Getting ahead of potential problems will help your business and help you build deeper connection with the people who are part of your career success.

In a family context, you should do the same thing. A mentor of mine once challenged me to ask my wife and children, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate me as a husband/dad over the last 90 days?” The obvious follow-up question for any score less than 10 is, “What can I do to make the score a 10?” I was absolutely terrified to ask the question. What would they say? What would happen if I opened Pandora’s box?

From experience, I can tell you that this is one of the most powerful questions you can ask. If I hadn’t asked it, I would have kept working long hours so I could afford to go away on the semi-annual vacations where I seemed to best connect with my daughter. Because I had the courage to ask what she wanted, I found out that she just wanted to get ice cream with me, one-on-one, once a week.

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Check your email for your Customized Wild Factor Report ($29.99 value) for greater insights, practical recommendations, and worksheets to improve all areas of your life.