You are an EAGLE

You are an Eagle because your highest score is in FINANCES.

To achieve financial success, you have to do things differently. You have to remain focused as you take on difficult challenges. To achieve more than those around you, you have to be comfortable being an outlier. You are not afraid to go your own way, and let others look up to you for the risks you took.

  • Your outstanding vision helps you see things others can’t.
  • You soar to heights most can only dream of reaching.
  • You are fierce, fearless, strong, and untamable.
  • You are comfortable taking on challenges alone.
  • You are majestic – looked up to by many.

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The EAGLE appears to float effortlessly, high above the crowd, as it looks for opportunities. But the path to this majesty was far from effortless. The fierce and fearless EAGLE fought countless battles to earn its place—from the nest to the skies.

I’ve never seen a flock of eagles, flying in formation, have you? Confident in its solitude, the EAGLE is not held back by the fears or concerns of others.

Similarly, you have navigated the complicated financial landscape that is confusing for many other people. If you leverage this success carefully, you will build better relationships with your colleagues, clients, family, and friends—and you will have more impact and satisfaction in your career. Most importantly, you can improve your physical, emotional and spiritual health. The goal is to use your strengths to find more inner peace and to become the “Epic Hero” others will strive to emulate.

Giraffe Money


For decades, Chris Jarvis has helped the most successful entrepreneurs and wealthiest families build, protect, and transfer significant wealth. He discovered the 7 Hidden Paths the richest people took on their way to standout among the herds. Amazingly, each one of these strategies is symbolized by the unique challenges and abilities of the tallest animal on earth – the giraffe!

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How Can the Eagle Guide You?

As the Eagle, you have now achieved a level of financial success that is superior to other areas of your life (health, relationships, career, and fun). This financial freedom affords you the opportunity to see things others don’t consider, because they are constantly worried and distracted about money. More importantly, you have the opportunity to go to some places faster and to reach certain locations most people simply cannot.

It’s what you do with this ability that will ultimately determine the quality of the life you lead.

Improve Your Finances (even more)

It’s not just an adage that “it takes money to make money.” In 6 Secrets to Leveraging Success: A Guide for Entrepreneurs, Family Offices and Their Trusted Advisors, I quote the award-winning research of Emmanuel Saez. “The percentage of income that is generated from passive activities (not hard work) goes up exponentially as your net worth increases.

Improve Your Health.

Close friends of mine had the pleasure of having an audience with the Dali Lama. When my friend asked his holiness what he found most confusing about life, he responded, “Man.” When asked why he found man particularly confusing, the Dali Lama replied,

“Man sacrifices his health for money. Then, he spends all his money to regain his health.” – His Holiness the Dali Lama

When you have financial resources, you are able to buy healthier food – which is more expensive than fast food. You may be able to hire a chef or order meals delivered to your home. Financial resources allow you to access better healthcare, purchase supplements, join a health club, hire a personal trainer, or seek alternative health remedies. If you wish to improve your health, having financial resources will make it much easier for you to do so.

Improve Your Career

To do what you love and to love what you do has been the dream for generations. Even though the younger generation, the millennials, embraced this ideal at a younger age, the dream has proven to be more elusive than ever. Based on a 2019 survey conducted by the Lumina Foundation and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, only 40% of Americans say they work in good jobs. 44% of those surveyed indicated that they were in mediocre jobs, and 16% said they were in bad jobs. More troubling, only 37% of respondents said that they had seen any improvement in any of the ten top indicators for job satisfaction over the last five years.

If you are one of the 60% who are looking for more out of your career, having financial resources gives you options. You can afford to go back to school to earn another degree, gain additional training or certifications, or hire a career coach. If you have enough resources, you may even be able to afford to start your own business or invest in assets that could replace the income from your current work. Perhaps you already have your own business, and you are feeling like I did back in 2015. I was prisoner to a company I started until I hired people to take over more and more of my responsibilities and ultimately sold the company.

6 Secrets to Leveraging Success

Open your eyes to wealth-building secrets from a successful mathematician and financial strategist.

As an actuarial analyst for some of the largest companies in the world and as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM Professional, Chris Jarvis gained critical insights into the successful operations of hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses and professional practices. He has been solving complex business, investment, and insurance concerns for his clients for more than twenty years.

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Have More Fun

You may not be able to “buy more time” for fun and games, but your financial resources afford you more opportunities for fun. Taking friends out to dinner, buying tickets for a comedy club, hiring a band for a party, or scheduling a vacation could all be positive influences.

Harvard Business Review published on 7/13/16 that average vacation is down 20% over a 15-year span. Interestingly, they found it having a negative impact on productivity. People who took fewer than 10 vacation days had a 34.6% chance of getting a raise or bonus. Those who took more than 10 vacation days had a 65.4% chance of getting a raise or bonus. Spend your money, take a vacation, and you might earn that money back sooner than you thought.

For my 50th birthday, my family bought me a “family adventure” book. Every week, we choose a family night, and we scratch off the hidden exercise. Everyone has to participate – no excuses. This allows us to do something together without argument. Since there is no decision to make over what movie to see or where to go to dinner, we all join in the fun together. It’s a very thoughtful gift that has made me laugh and smile more. What are you going to do to have more fun?

YOUR Wild Factor Report

Check your email for your Customized Wild Factor Report ($29.99 value) for greater insights, practical recommendations, and worksheets to improve all areas of your life.