You are a DOLPHIN

You are a Dolphin because your highest score is in the area of HEALTH.

To maintain your health, you have to avoid dangerous people and situation. Like a dolphin that relies on sonar, you have the ability to forego immediate gratification and remain focused on the long-term goal – even when you can’t see it. To be healthy, you had to deviate from the masses and make choices that may not be popular

  • You are highly intelligent; smarter than most.
  • You value teamwork—and appreciate those with similar values.
  • You are friendly, but also much stronger than you look.
  • You have amazing communication skills.
  • You are adept at avoiding dangerous situations (and dangerous people).

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Dolphins represent harmony and balance. They are highly intelligent and highly in tune with their instincts – striking a balance between the tangible and the intangible. Like the dolphin that trusts its sonar, you avoid temptation right in front of you trusting it will be result in a healthier long-term outcome.

Dolphins are a symbol of protection and resurrection. Sailors see them as good omens—as dolphins have assisted drowning people and chased away sharks. You make wise decisions to protect yourself and others

Dolphins are playful and gentle, reminding us that we need to approach life with humor and joy, and to look for the good in everyone. They live in pods and rely on cooperation with others to find food and to avoid danger.

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How Can the Dolphin Guide You?

As the dolphin, you have great strength – in body and in mind. You are able to forego immediate returns and patiently wait for longer term success. This positive outlook and ability to avoid less desirable short-term gratification is reminiscent of the Stanford marshmallow experiment. By leveraging your strength, intelligence, and patience, you have the opportunity to significantly improve all of your scores – as long as you don’t give in too often to the dolphin’s playful nature and get bored along the way.

Improve Your Career

According to the CDC’s report on workplace health, “Improvements in physical, mental, and emotional health enhance stamina, concentration, and focus leading to greater work output.” This should come as no surprise, but there is a double negative to consider.

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the two hikers who came across the mountain lion. One of the men slowly took off his backpack and carefully tied his shoes very tightly. When his friend asked, “Why waste your time? You can’t outrun a mountain lion.” The first man replied, “I only have to outrun YOU!”

According to KKF’s Medicaid brief, “Being in poor health is associated with increased risk of job loss, while access to affordable health insurance has a positive effect on people’s ability to obtain and maintain employment.” If you are healthier than other candidates, you are more likely to get a job. If you miss less work because of illness, your reliability will give you greater chances to show your abilities.

Have More Fun

According to Harvard Medical School (April, 2012), happiness (fun) is more closely related to healthiness than financial success, material things, age, or having children. How many of us sacrifice our fun and happiness to tend to “more important things,” like financial or work demands. When the stress of my company, my family, and my community obligations were weighting so heavily on me, my father gave me some great advice. He said, “If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else will – and if you aren’t around, who will take care of all those people?”

My dad knew me really well. I was more likely to take care of myself if I saw it as an altruistic, rather than a selfish, act. If you don’t focus on your health, all those other things in life won’t make you happy.

The research published in Illinois Wesleyan University’s “The Park Place Economist,” seems to back this up. Happy employees live up to 10 years longer than unhappy employees.

Improve Your Finances

The dolphin strikes a balance between intelligence and intuition and relies on eyesight and sonar. To remain healthy, you have to manage both physical and emotional stresses that can arise from your professional or personal life. To earn more, you will want to accomplish more with less effort.

In “The Data-Driven Case for Vacation,” (HBR 7/13/16), the study found that 94% of vacations had a good return on investment for the company – based on energy, outlook and attitude of the employee.

People who took fewer than 10 vacation days had a 34.6% chance of getting a raise or bonus. Those who took more than 10 vacation days had a 65.4% chance of getting a raise or bonus. Take your time off to recharge your mental and emotional batteries, improve your performance, and in-crease your income.

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Improve Your Relationships

In the late 90s, I was an entrepreneur working over 100 hours per week. Before my company took off, being single in Los Angeles with little time and less money was far from ideal. Someone asked me if I would be one of the subjects of a dating show and I said yes. This was a little before “The Bachelor,” and well after “The Dating Game” – though my friend Bob Guiney (aka, Bob the Bachelor) will laugh at the Chuck Woolery comparison if he ever reads this.

What I learned from real scientists (not manipulative dating clowns) as a subject of “Mysteries of Mating” on The Learning Channel is that people become more attracted to each other when on prescription dates. One of these dates involves physical exercise.

When two people exercise together, they will become more attracted to each other. A second way to become more attracted is by having a shared goal. This may explain why co-workers on big projects often connect. A third method involves novelty – doing something you’ve never done before. By asking someone to train for a 10k, charity run, marathon or ironman, you may see the closeness (sexual or plutonic) significantly enhanced. For the rest of the prescription dates, and to get a good laugh at my expense, you’ll have to search for the show yourself.

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Check your email for your Customized Wild Factor Report ($29.99 value) for greater insights, practical recommendations, and worksheets to improve all areas of your life.