READY to get uncaged?

and go wild?

Are you unsatisfied with your finances or your career?
Are you unhappy with your health or with a relationship?
Would you like to have more fun at home or at work?

If you answered YES to any of these…

Something is Still Missing in Your Life!

Your focus on certain areas of life can be detrimental to others. When one or more of the five areas of your life are too far out of balance, you may be suffering from “affluenza.”

Common signs of affluenza:

  • No time to exercise
  • No motivation to socialize
  • Can’t afford to leave job you dislike
  • Working hard, but can’t get ahead
  • Feeling stressed out most of time
  • Put others’ needs ahead of your own
  • Relationships difficult or nonexistent

If one or more of these statements describes your life, you are stuck and you deserve so much more!

The better path to success and happiness is unique to each of us.

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Your personalized Wild Factor calculates your scores in the 5 major areas of life:

The Wild Factor is a unique tool that focuses on your actual behaviors and feelings that you are experiencing right now – not on general preferences. By comparing your actions to your desired outcomes, the Wild Factor gives practical tips to help leverage your strengths and improve other areas of your life.

Animal guides offer powerful visualization and memorable mantras for the customized recommendations that will help you on your journey to Wild Factor!

What dangers are you ignoring?

When we are so focused on one thing, we may overlook bigger problems around us.

The Wild Factor identifies your blind spots and helps you see differently.

Evolution of the Wild Factor

After 25 years of solving complicated financial problems for thousands of millionaires and a few billionaire families, Chris Jarvis was making a lot of money but he was unhappy, unhealthy, and unfulfilled.

He sold his company, rewarded his investors, and set out to discover:

  1. Why do most successful people plateau and get stuck?
  2. What makes some people much happier than others?
  3. How can we find success and happiness at the same time?

After years of research, and training with some of the world’s best coaches, he found the way to a better path!

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