Giraffe Money


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For decades, Chris Jarvis has helped the most successful entrepreneurs and wealthiest families build, protect, and transfer significant wealth. He discovered the 7 Hidden Paths the richest people took on their way to standout among the herds. Amazingly, each one of these strategies is symbolized by the unique challenges and abilities of the tallest animal on earth – the giraffe!

In giraffeMONEY, Jarvis will help you simplify the complicated worlds of personal wealth, corporate finance, human psychology, and sociology so you can find the better path to your elevated wealth.

giraffeMONEY will teach you:
• The one limiting belief that keeps people from standing out
• Why hard work is herd work • How popular culture and media are designed to keep you down
• How to avoid the six mistakes that derail future millionaires
• Where you’re losing half your money and don’t even know it
• What you can do to protect, grow, and sell your business

Whether you’re in search of your own giraffluence, or are a financial professional who wants to show clients a better path, this book will show you seven paths to Money Differently. You can change the way you think about, pursue, attract, and retain wealth while bringing joy and happiness to yourself and to those around you.