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“For years, I wanted to leave corporate life, start my own thing, and make my dream life a reality. I kept finding excuses and avoiding my potential — until I started working with Chris. He not only encouraged me to believe in myself, but he also showed me what to do to remove real and imagined obstacles. Chris helped me navigate the complexities of my employer,
my family, and my own ego. When I used his advice in new business conversations, I was able to secure $16,000 of revenue in my first month alone. There is no looking back! If you are done with mediocrity, and ready to live into your potential, talk to Chris Jarvis.

Fun! Simple. Actionable! I’m the type of business-owner/entrepreneur who always questions “what should I be focusing on?” and this book and assessment highlighted the exact next steps for me to take with confidence! As a consultant, this tool has been helpful to give to my clients. Instead of convincing others what the right next step is, Find Your Wild Factor allows my clients to self-discover for blind spots and next steps in building their dream lives.”


World’s #1 Success Coach,
Founder of the billion-dollar Chicken Soup for the Soul® publishing empire.

“Chris is a true industry insider who can teach you the tricks of his most successful clients and can show you how to beat the system by getting firms to work for you, instead of against you.”

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Robyn Read

Publisher – Read Publishing Group, Editor – Think and Grow Rich Magazine, CEO – RPM Media

“I am on a constant learning journey, trying to discover what makes me tick, what leads me to make the decisions I make and how I can live as the best version of myself. Find Your Wild Factor helped me to first work out what is most important to me and then to clearly see the areas of my life that need love and attention. I discovered what was keeping me off balance. Take this assessment now! It will open your eyes.”


Founder & CEO, Super-Charged Freedom

“Where do I start? Chris has helped me, my team, and my clients on numerous
occasions. He asks seemingly benign questions that lead to much deeper discovery. A true teacher, Jarvis has a way of guiding you to a creative solution without telling you what to do. Be the Giraffe is an eye-opening, thought-provoking book that will help you navigate your biggest challenges — in business and in life. “

Cynthia Stant

Business Consultant and Spiritual Success Mentor

“Have you been “trying” to improve certain areas of your life and career? Are you stuck, or looking for fresh inspiration? Find Your Wild Factor will help you see which of the five areas of life you truly want to elevate, and offers clear, practical guidance on the steps to take. Best of all, it’s simple, memorable, and amazingly accurate. It’s not only an awesome personal resource to have, but one that also helps me to relate to and assist my clients with better customized connection.”